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Lucky in Love – Lucky in Marriage
777 the Most Popular Wedding Date in Years

Choosing Special Wedding Dates

Since ancient days, in many cultures, brides and grooms chose their wedding date very carefully. Some days have always been preferred over others.

Even today in the USA, certain dates are considered more popular than others. Traditionally Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, the Christmas holiday season and The thanksgiving weekend are chosen most often for wedding celebrations.

This year there is a date that tops all of them. In fact some consider it a phenomenon. This special day is July 7, 2007 or 777.

We have interviewed both, engaged couples who chose this as their wedding date and wedding vendors, professionals and service providers hired by them.

Reasons for Choosing July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date

Some of the reasons given us by the couples were:

  • Having found the loves of their life, the couples feel lucky. Adding 777 to the occasion is the ultimate jackpot.
  • To have their life long commitment blessed with luck. As one couple iterated:”you can never have too much luck.”
  • Many individuals and couples consider number 7 their favorite number.
  • Quite a few couples cited the Biblical reverence of number 7. The most common reference was to the 7 days of creation and that God blessed and rested on the 7th day, so that still today our week contains 7 days. The other popular reference was to the prayer of the Lord having 7 petitions.
  • Of great importance was also the fact that the 7th of July falls on a saturday so close to The 4th of July holiday allowing for a weekend long enough for guests from far away not to have to rush home. A weekend long enough for relaxing, un-hurried destination weddings.
  • Some of those we interviewed said that they just liked the way 777 looks on their invitations, that it sounds nice and that it offers great wedding theme possibilities.
  • All, with no exception liked the fact that the date is easy to remember. I can certainly identify with this way of thinking. When I chose to get married on the 4th of July, I considered that the date is easy to remember, we’ll be off from work and that every year the entire country will help us celebrate.

    What Wedding Vendors, Professionals and Service Providers Say About July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date

    All Wedding Vendors, Professionals and Service Providers, with no exception feel very lucky. They were booked early, some over 2 years ago. Of those who can accommodate more than one wedding on that day, the majority already have waiting lists and we are only in March.

    Realizing the popularity of the date, quite a few raised their standard fees. They figured that with so many couples vying for the date, they’ll get top dollar plus. Brides and grooms are aware of the higher prices and of the competition for the 777 wedding date and are willing to pay the price to secure it.

    We spoke with hotels and halls and all are filled. Las Vegas the wedding capital of the world has been sold out for quite some time as have other cities with casinos.

    If you are a couple, in need of a wedding site, note that 777 is in the summer and consider the following options:

  • A destination wedding in a rural setting or abroad
  • A wedding in a home
  • A wedding in a park
  • A wedding on a beach
  • A wedding in a university hall
  • A wedding at a museum that offers such a facility
  • A wedding on a private estate
  • A wedding at a bed and breakfast
  • A wedding at sea, on a yacht or boat.
  • Do you have any ideas to share with us?

    What if you can not find a caterer?
  • Contact a restaurant
  • Summon your family and friends and start cooking and freezing.
  • Have a picnic reception
  • Have a pot luck reception

    OFFICIANTS who offer a ceremony venue whom we interviewed, suggested that they’ll perform one ceremony every 45 minutes or an hour until quite late into the night.

    WEDDING PLANNERS have donned their thinking caps, coming up with ideas for 777 themes for their clients. Some ideas are:

  • Starting either the ceremony or the reception at 7:00pm
  • Having 7 instead of 8 guests per table,
  • Setting the tables in the hall in the shape of number 7
  • Having 7 different centerpieces – repeating if there are more than 7 tables
  • Having a 7 tier wedding cake or a wedding cake shaped like number 7
  • Having the wedding accessories embelished with eithr 777 or luck oriented decorations*
  • Using 3 number 7 jewelry cake top numerals
  • Having #7 on jewelry and engraveable gifts for the wedding attendants
  • Having 7 people in the wedding party
  • Having a 7 candle candalabra on the bridal table
  • giving out favors and decorating with luck related items such as:* 777, good luck charms, 4 leaf clover, horse shoes, rainbows, stars, lucky pennies in a shoe, preferable minted in a year with 7. How about Scratch or lottery tickets or Jersey # 7 of a favorite theme?
  • A few planners were asked to arrange a fun, “Las Vegas night” style reception. Most suggested that their clients must be sure that if they invited guests who are against gambling, they may find objectionable. So, know your guests before you plan a casino like reception.

    I have interviewed a planner who really got inspired by the date.

    She arranged that her clients will

  • have a hotel room with a number 7 on the door.
  • Both the limo for the wedding day and the rental car for the 7 day honeymoon have number 7 on their license plates.
  • She secured – reserved parking spot number 7 for them.

    July 7. 2007 as a Wedding Date
    Flexibility and the Creative Brides and Grooms

    A few of the couples we interviewed, who secured 777 as their wedding date and who are flexible had rather creative ideas.

    The two that were really unique were by a bride and groom who were willing to SELL their wedding day complete with all the arrangements.

    They said that they will be glad to change their wedding date for a fee.

    Another couple familiar with the tradition in some countries of ‘Community Weddings’ is willing to have a shared wedding providing the other bride and groom will pick up the tab for the agreed upon flowers, decorations and entertainment. “This,” said the bride “will save us money but will not add to the wedding costs the other brides and grooms. Either way they’ll have to pay for flowers, decorations and entertainment.”
    The hall will be divided in such a way that the guests of each wedding will be separated from the other.

    A few couples seem interested, in fact they believe that it will be a unique wedding experience and will leave lasting fun memories for both couples.

    So, Why, is this Date or the Combination of Numbers

    So Special and Sought After?

    Since ancient times, the number 7 was revered and considered LUCKY by most all societies and in many fields such as: Religion, Ethics, Mathematics, Spiritualizm, Numerology, Geography, Astrology and Philosophy.

    Following are but a few samples

  • The bible Reveres the number 7 many times it can easily be considered the favorite.
  • Since the time of the ancient world, people revered the
  • 7 sacred planets.
  • The Seven Seas
  • The seven virtues
  • The seven Stars – planets
  • Today, the 777 Ultimate Jackpot.
  • and don’t forget the Seventh Heaven where brides and grooms are on their wedding day.

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    mall for wedding gifts, supplies and bridal accessories.

  • Floyd Mayweather Jr – Business Man Or Great Fighter?

    I was watching the 30 minute promotional segment just prior to the pay-per view telecast of the Mayweather-Marquez fight. A clip of the promotion shows an interview of Floyd – and he was quoted as saying “if you are not watching a Floyd Mayweather fight, you are watching the wrong fights”. It was at that moment it occurred to me that Floyd was ‘wrong’!! It is more like the other way around. A revised version of Floyd’s quote should read, “if you are watching a Floyd Mayweather fight, you are watching the wrong fights”.

    Floyd promptly went out and pitched a shutout over Marquez in a landslide victory. Floyd put on a great performance coming off a 21 month layoff against a very good pound for pound fighter in Marquez. The question I had to ask myself after the fight was: Does Floyd want to be a great fighter, or is he just a businessman? The answer is simple. He is a businessman who has transformed from talented boxing prodigy who lived and breathed boxing to a money flashing, gambling, jet setting, jive talking ‘celebrity’ persona. Some may say that Floyd has just evolved and has just become who he is. As a purist, I can do without it.

    As an elite fighter and long time pound for pound king prior to his ‘retirement’ in 2008, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was a household name. When he retired, it was very similar to the screen going blank on the season finale of the Sopranos. We didn’t know how it ended, but somehow, we knew there will eventually be a conclusion to the story.

    He had beaten Oscar De La Hoya in May of 2007 and followed up with a 10 round destruction of Ricky Hatton in December of 2007. Prior to the Hatton fight and during training camp, he appeared as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. This helped him cross over into the public consciousness of non boxing fans. Since the De La Hoya and Hatton fights did so well on pay-per view, Floyd starting thinking he was the reason the fights drew say many pay per view buys. And why wouldn’t he think that? He is the most talented and skilled fighter in the world and has never been beaten.

    The reality was that just like Bernard Hopkins, his fights are based on skill, experience, defense, and playing it safe. Definitely not a crowd pleasing style. His pay per view success was based on Oscar and Ricky’s fan base – and many boxing fans that just wanted to see him lose. He walked away from the sport on top, but to most fans, an incomplete legacy. Now he is back, and hopefully, he can cement his legacy.

    Don’t get me wrong, as a boxing purist, I think Floyd is amazing to watch. I am not here to disparage his ability. He is the most skilled fighter in the sport of boxing, and also the smartest fighter in the ring today. The problem is, only a purist can appreciate a fighter like Floyd. The precision, the speed, the almost impregnable defense, the great stamina, and the wonderful footwork and foot speed that enables him to avoid punches. The average fan who watches an occasional fight here and there would say he is boring to watch. I would have a hard time disagreeing with them.

    Why didn’t he press Marquez and stop him? Why didn’t he turn it up a notch and pour it on during the Oscar fight? Simply, why can’t he be more exciting? During these big pay per view events, the world is watching.

    The answer is that in the ring, he is pure talent, skill, and defense. At welterweight, he shows very little offense, but he throws very accurate and effective punches. Rarely do you see a combination thrown. His skill and talent do the talking, and nobody can talk him into doing it any other way. He simply just doesn’t take risks which provide the fireworks that fans want to see.

    Outside the ring, he thinks he is a star attraction. A must see fighter who everybody is compelled to watch. He will only take fights that are the lowest risk, and the highest reward. I know boxing is a business, but if you fight just for money and to just sustain your ‘Money’ image, it takes away the credence and luster of your legacy.

    Floyd wasn’t always this way though. I first remember watching Floyd beat Genaro “Chicanito” Hernandez in the fall of 1998 for the WBC Super featherweight belt. It was clear Floyd had all the ability in the world with tremendous speed and fluidity that made him really fun to watch.

    At the time Floyd was just 21 years old. He had just won his first title. His father Floyd Sr., was a professional fighter who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard in 1978. His uncles were professional fighters as well. Roger “The Black Mamba” Mayweather and Jeff Mayweather. Roger had been an elite level fighter in the 1980’s and 90’s who had fought Hall of Fame fighters such as Julio Cesar Chavez and Pernell Whitaker. Jeff had been a perennial lightweight fighter who fought Oscar De La Hoya in 1993. At that time, I was convinced he had everything he needed to be an all time great fighter. He had the Mayweather name – boxing was in his genes. His future looked bright and I was very excited that a fighter had come along similar to my favorite fighter of all time, Sugar Ray Leonard.

    Floyd made good use of his talents and took on all comers in the super lightweight division from 1998 to 2001, defending the title 8 times with impressive wins over Diego Corrales, Angel Manfredy, and Jesus Chavez. Floyd was at this best during this period. At 130 lbs, he had power and let his hands go. The effervescent fighter would overwhelm Corrales with speed and power and knocked him down five times before Corrales’ corner threw in the towel after 10 rounds. Corrales was the best fighter at junior lightweight to challenge the “Pretty Boy”. Floyd walked through him like a hot knife through butter.

    As good as Floyd Mayweather Jr. was, he didn’t have much of a fan base. He was arguably the most gifted fighter on the planet since Roy Jones Jr. His skill was revered in boxing circles. Purists respected his talent and dedication to being a great fighter, but he was not a household name. He moved up to lightweight in 2002 and fought Jose Luis Castillo and won a controversial unanimous decision. Floyd would fight Castillo again in a rematch and win a comfortable unanimous decision. He showed the fans that the first fight, which many think he lost, was an aberration due to Floyd fighting with great pain in his hands. Even with these wins over the tough and formidable lightweight champ Castillo, his first two fights at lightweight, Floyd still didn’t win over the fans. As a matter of fact, Floyd didn’t headline a pay per view event until June of 2005, against the late Arturo Gatti, in his ninth year as a professional prize fighter.

    It wasn’t until the De La Hoya fight that Floyd’s head really began to grow. He was in the national spotlight since he was fighting the cash cow which was Oscar De La Hoya. A new series on HBO, 24/7, profiled each fighter in camp and their private lives leading up to the fight. Floyd knew he was a great fighter, but he never had the status of an Oscar De La Hoya or a Sugar Ray Leonard. This was his time to have camera time. To be in living rooms across America consistently for a month prior to the fight. Floyd was shown with his diamonds, jewelry, his cars, his mansion, his entourage -which included rapper 50 Cent, and his personal barber. It was around this time that Floyd’s ‘Money’ image was born and he subsequently changed his boxing nick name from “Pretty Boy” to “Money”. The fight ended up being a split decision victory for Floyd and sold 2.4 million pay per view buys. Floyd reportedly earned about $25 million for the fight. The money man had his huge payday. Its too bad the payday was formulated with his skills outside the ring and not inside the ring. The fight did not live up to the hype and the majority of the pay per view buys were due to Oscar’s fan base.

    It’s not too late for Floyd, however. He still can salvage his legacy. With impressive wins over Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, and Shane Mosley, he would be regarded as maybe one of the best fighters ever.

    Maybe one day we can reflect on these potential fights by watching ‘The Tale of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao’ on HBO or ‘The Tale of Mayweather vs. Cotto’. Hopefully, these fights will come to fruition. Furthermore, lets hope someone like Pacquiao or Cotto can press Floyd into a memorable battle similar to Leonard vs. Hearns I or Chavez vs. Taylor I. Come on Floyd, forget the ‘Money’ persona and give us some legendary fights to remember.

    Newton Gang Robs Two Banks in One Night

    On January 9, 1921, the Newton Gang drove into Hondo, Texas, a small town 30 miles west of San Antonio, to rob one of the two banks in town. It was just past midnight and the temperature was near freezing.

    The Newtons knew the night watchman in Hondo, and as was his habit, they found him huddled around a pot-bellied stove in the depot. They cut all of the telephone wires and then went back to check on the night watchman. He had not budged from his spot by the stove so Joe was placed across the street as a lookout while the rest went to the bank.

    In his 1979 interview, Willis proudly told his version of the story:

    “Sometime you just get lucky ’cause they had left the vault door open. They had left it unlocked so we didn’t need no nitro or nothing. We jimmied the window, walked over to the vault, tried the handle and she opened! You would be surprised how many times them banks would just close the door so it looked locked during the night.

    “We had the vault cleaned out in no time and went to see if the night watchman was still in the depot. Sure enough, he was reading a magazine and drinking coffee by the stove. Well hell, we figured we had plenty of time so we’d go over to the other bank and give it a try. I kept Joe and Doc watching the night marshal while Jess and I went down to the other bank.

    “We got inside that bank and cleaned it out. Damn, two banks in one night and the night marshal, he never come out of the depot!”

    The local newspaper, the Hondo Anvil Herald, carried the story with a splash headline:

    Yeggs Rob Hondo Banks

    One of the Most Daring Robberies Ever Staged in Texas Occurred Here Sunday Morning

    The people of Hondo were amazed and angered Sunday morning when it became known that both banks had been entered by yeggs, between midnight and daylight, and robbed of both money and valuables. Entrance to the First National Bank was effected by forcing the front doors; while the entrance to the State Bank was effected by prizing down the bars over the last window in the alley between Parker’s and the bank.

    The newspaper went on to give an elaborate description of the robbery:

    Owing to most of the money in both banks being in the money safes, with time locks set, the loss in cash was not serious, the First National losing a total of $2,814 while in the matter of actual cash loss the State Bank was a little more fortunate, its loss being $1,879; both banks losing a total of $4,694 nearly all of which was silver coin.

    The funds of both banks were covered by burglary insurance, consequently neither will suffer loss. [Just like Willis had assured his brothers.]

    Owners of private boxes, who had put their valuables in the vaults of the banks, are the heaviest losers, and their actual loss will not be definitely known for some time-probably a month-as the owners of the boxes are the only ones who can clear up the loss, the officials of the banks not being advised of the contents of the boxes.

    The safety deposit box owners had cash, government bonds, War Savings Stamps, jewelry, and other valuables in their boxes so it was impossible to determine the exact amount taken in the robbery. Estimates of as high as $30,000 were never confirmed.

    The article continued to describe the “safe experts:’

    … That the robbers were experts is borne out by the fact that they were able to work the combination on the vault of the First National Bank. [Willis said it was left unlocked.] They were also experts in the use of explosive, the vault doors of the State Bank being blown open by one of the most powerful explosives known-TNT [ Willis swore in his interview that he never used dynamite-only nitroglycerine.]

    The vaults were thoroughly ransacked and the floors were strewn with papers about two feet thick.

    From the thoroughness with which the robbers made their search for securities it is evident that they spent two hours or more in the vaults of the banks and the private boxes of the customers are in a sad plight, most of them showing that they were beat open by some heavy instrument, probably with a sledgehammer that had been stolen from the blacksmith shop of Mask & Co.

    … That the robbers were no tyros (archaic word meaning beginners) in the business of robbing is again borne out by the fact that they took every precaution against being apprehended by the possession of jewelry, gold coins, and so forth, which might lead to their identity. The floors of the vaults were literally strewn with such articles as might lead to their detection. Notes and other articles of value that could not be turned into money were cast aside and left behind.

    It is generally believed that the band was composed of from six to eight men, and that both banks were robbed simultaneously, a gang being assigned to each bank.

    Another circumstance that indicates that the robbers were not new to the game of bank robbing is borne out by the fact that every telephone line in town was cut, apparently, before the banks were robbed. And this part of their plans was carried out most effectively and by an expert telephone man.

    … Cables were severed, apparently with saws, and single wires were cut with wire clippers. Only three telephones connected with the local exchange were working Sunday morning.

    The robbery was discovered by the night watchman about five o’clock Sunday morning and immediately reported to Deputy Sheriff C.J. Bless.

    … Harry Crouch, our local telegraph operator, was summonsed and messages were sent east and west in an effort to intercept the robbers, but as far as the general public is advised, nothing was learned as to the direction in which the robbers went.

    Detectives from San Antonio and the surrounding area converged on the Hondo banks searching for clues to the duel-heist robbery.

    … One of the most remarkable coincidences of this whole business is that these robberies could have occurred right in the heart of the town and not more than 200 feet apart, and not one among our people being any the wiser until daylight it was revealed what had transpired, and that too, it was since developed that the night watchman and the two other men were in the waiting room of the depot, not more than sixty yards from the front doors of the First National Bank, while the robbery was being accomplished. The robbers must have done their work very silently to avoid detection. [It is hard to image a “silent” explosion of nitroglycerine.]

    The word the newspaper used for the night burglars was “yeggs,” a popular vernacular expression of the era. It is interesting to compare the newspaper reporting to Willis’ account in which the vault of the First National Bank had been left unlocked and they used nitroglycerine (rather than TNT) to blow the vault door on the State Bank. Even more interesting was the fact that there were no follow up articles on the robbery. There was not a single mention of the multi-bank burglary over the ensuing months-although it contained large advertisements from both banks. It was as if both banks had never been robbed.

    The Galveston Daily News on January 10 reported the robbery describing a “clew” that proved to be a red herring:

    Robber Heel May Lead to Arrest

    Telephone Connections Cut When Banks at Hondo Are Looted

    San Antonio, Texas-January 10-A rubber heel, lost from a shoe, may lead to the identification of the bank robbers who made a successful haul of $20,000 from the First National Bank of Hondo and the Hondo State Bank early Sunday morning.

    The bank robbers gained entrance to the two banks by prying the iron bars loose from rear windows of the buildings and manipulating the combinations of the vault in the First National Bank, but blew off the door of the vault in the state bank.

    The haul was made from the safety deposit boxes in both banks, the robbers obtaining only $1,500 in cash from the First National and $29,350 of the state bank’s money. The smaller vault safes in both institutions were untouched.

    The balance of the loot, it is estimated by officers at the two banks, was secured from owners of safety deposit boxes in the banks. Hondo was not aware of the visit of the bank robbers until almost noon Sunday, when the open windows at the rear of the two bank buildings were discovered.

    Heel lost in bank.

    Sheriff J.S. Baden, during his investigation was given the lost rubber heel, which had been found in front of the vault of the First National Bank. Further investigation disclosed a set of burglar tools consisting of a pipe wrench, saw, and chisel, which had been left by the robbers. These however are not considered as important for they are of a standard make, easily purchased at any hardware store.

    Just outside of the window through which the robbers entered the state bank, Sheriff Baden found the numerals 13,555 scratched on the brick work. This, bank officials believe, indicates the amount the robbers secured from the deposit boxes in the bank. [This curious piece of information appears to have been just another “red herring.”]

    Sheriff Baden believes the robberies were committed by a band of six men, who sent an advance guard of two into Hondo last week.

    … Hondo citizens, who were up at an early hour Sunday morning, reported to the Sheriff that they saw a high-powered automobile leaving the outskirts of town occupied by six men. These, the Sheriff believes, were the Hondo robbers.

    [Ironically] Sheriff Baden suffered a loss by the early morning visit of the robbers, as his safety deposit box in the First National Bank was broken open and $300 in stamps and $150 in bonds were taken. A $100 Liberty bond, the property of his son O.J. Baden, of Donna, was left in the box.

    In light of the erroneous “clews’, the Newtons were never tried for the Hondo bank robberies.

    Willis Newton was born in 1889 and died in 1979, making him the longest living Texas outlaw. He and the Newton Gang hit trains and banks in the early 1920s but their biggest haul occurred in 1924 when they robbed a train outside of Rondout, Illinois-getting away with $3,000,000. They still hold the record for the biggest train robbery in U.S. history.

    A Review of the eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct MLM Program

    Even though the launch date for eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct was April of 2002, it wasn’t until 2006 that they became a well known force around the internet outside of the UK. Founders Tom Brodie and Len Fitzgerald organized a unique lottery system where affiliates and players can both become winners in a booming industry. Giving people better odds to win was only a small idea to a bigger picture, it will be interesting to see just how big it becomes in the future.

    Getting an Edge

    If this is your first time coming across information on eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct, the object is quite easy. Anyone who has ever played the lottery before has the understanding that in order to win, the odds are definitely not in your favor. This company has changed that using two different jackpots which revolve around the UK National Lotto and EuroMillions. The chances of winning is increased by unheard of amounts, which range from 700%-3600% between the two lotteries.

    What Everyone Else is Saying

    Testimonials are important for companies to show potential prospects that people believe in their product. The same thing goes for eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct where their website offers a good amount of people who have used the system and sent in their thanks and accomplishments that have taken place over the years. One of the most interesting ones was a woman who had played for 18 months and won 29 different times. They have an area dedicated to testimonials on the home page of the website.

    What Other Questions Do You Have

    Most companies today offer a section to answer what they can to make everyone feel at ease when joining. The eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct company offers much of the same with anything about becoming a member, playing periods, divided winning, and so many other areas they just seem to cover everything. One of the better F.A.Q. sections we have seen over the years.

    Affiliate Program

    Getting involved with eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct on a business front is simple as well. Adjusting to how it all works may take some decent training, but once the ground rules have been understood you won’t find too many things that are this easy. You have two options with their affiliate program which is either deciding on keeping your commissions for payments or playing your own lottery games. The opportunity to play for free and keep the winnings is something they stress, but it’s not necessary.

    What We Think

    The main thing to understand is how big the gambling industry is on the internet. With eLottery Syndicate and Virtual World Direct there won’t be card playing, sports wagering, or anything that might be potentially illegal. This company deals in the lottery which has been around for hundreds of years and was in fact the first legalized gambling mechanism in America. Based out of the UK and covering 127 countries to date, we will be hearing much more from this company in the future. It might just be your big break in the affiliate program market.