World of Warcraft Jewelcraft

The art of Jewelcrafting is taking very precious gems and refining them to unleash their full potential. It requires the expansion, The Burning Crusade, in order to learn and is a very powerful profession. Jewelcrafters can create both precious gems (which can be socketed into items) and amazing jewelry.

Jewelcrafting is a primary skill, meaning that it counts towards your two profession limit. Keep this in mind when you take up Jewelcrafting, as unlearning it to take up another profession will reset your knowledge of Jewelcrafting to zero should you choose to pick it up again.

Jewelcrafting is a production tradeskill, meaning that it takes unrefined items gathered from the world (gems, stone, metals) and turns them into refined items (refined gems, necklaces, figurines, etc.). To get the most out of Jewelcrafting you will have to take up Mining.

Getting Started

Rank Name Required

Level Skill Levels Apprentice

5 1 – 75 Journeyman

10 50-150 Expert

20 125-225 Artisan

40 200-300 Master (Burning Crusade)

50 300-375

To begin, seek out a in order to learn the profession. The best locations to find one would the Exodar (for the Alliance) and Silvermoon City (for the Horde), both requiring the expansion. When you arrive at the city, simply speak with a guard and ask where the Jewelcrafting profession trainer is located and they will mark your map.

Once you have found a trainer, interact with them (right click) and choose to train Apprentice Jewelcrafting. Congratulations! You are officially a Jewelcrafting! I highly suggest taking up Mining at the same time as you will need it to prospect gems from ore and to gather materials necessary to create items with Jewelcrafting.

Any class and race can pick up Jewelcrafting and gain a benefit, although certain ranks require certain levels. Not only that, but to obtain the final rank (Master) one must venture into Outland which requires a character of at least level 58.

Any character of any class or race can pick up Journeyman Jewelcrafting as long as their account is “The Burning Crusade” enabled. To advance past that you will have to have the required level. The last level, Master, currently is available to level 50 players but the only known trainers are in Outland (requiring level 58).

Choosing a Second Profession

There is no need to list the other professions as only one goes with Jewelcrafting. That one profession is Mining. Jewelcrafting uses metals and gems found from various metal nodes all around the land and it will always benefit whenever you can obtain the materials yourself. Not only that, but having Mining allows for the prospecting skill to be used.


Jewelcrafting is a rather easy skill to use. Simply open your Spellbook and locate “Jewelcrafting”. From here select what you wish to craft then choose “Create”. You can use the slider to craft multiples at the same time, if you wish. If you have the available materials then a bar will come up letting you know the item is currently being created. If you wish to cancel during this time simply move your character around. If it fails due to movement then you will loose no materials.

Skilling up Jewelcrafting is easy. If it’s colored Orange then you’ll gain a skill point in Jewelcrafting. If it’s colored Yellow then you’ll have a decent change to increase in skill. If it’s colored Green then you’ll have a low chance to increase in skill. Grey items do not give skill points.

Quite a few Jewelcrafting items are “Bind on Pickup”, which means that the items created are only for you. This makes it a worthy skill to have when you’re leveling because you’ll have some useful items (rings, necklaces, etc.) and have Mining which is already a great source of profit.

A quick note, some items may require a “Jeweler’s Kit” and/or a “Simple Grinder”. These items are available for sale by certain Jewelcrafter trainers and suppliers

Gems and Jewelry

Gems are found two ways. One is that they can be crafted by taking a gem and refining it with the Jewelcrafting skill. The second is to purchase it from various NPC vendors (who may or may not be controlled by reputation). The first method is great for producing very fine refined gems from gems while the second is great to put into filler gear or anything you find that needs a gem but doesn’t need something overly expensive.

Your basic gems currently can increase the following:

Attack, Power, Strength, Parry, Dodge, Healing, Spell, Damage Spell, Critical Rating, Hit, Rating, Critical, Strike Rating Intellect, Defense Rating, Resilence, Stamina, Spirit Spell, Penetration, Mana every 5 sec Combination of gems can include resists, run speed buffs, chance to stun or restore health on melee attack, reduced threat, and more. There are advanced colors, such as orange, green, and purple that combine two bonuses (by mixing colors). Meta gems are combinations of lots of gems and include the most powerful bonuses.

Jewelry comes in various rings, necklaces, trinkets and statues. The new item in this list, statues, is similar to the Shaman’s totems and provides a pulsing heal on the Jewelcrafter for a short period of time. The rings, necklaces, and trinkets are very powerful and their low level creations are extremely viable.


Items with sockets drop from various powerful enemies are generally more powerful their normal counterparts due to having the ability to be upgraded with gems. Sockets aren’t randomly added to gear, but are assigned to items beforehand as if they were part of the items statistics. There are four types of sockets: blue, red, yellow, and the rare meta. The first three can accept any color gem but meta (but gain a bonus for going into a socket of their same color). Meta sockets are the only sockets that accept meta gems which are reserved for some of the most powerful gear out there (due to the shear power that the meta gems contain).

Gems are placed into sockets through the socket interface. Simply shift-right-click any item with available sockets to bring the interface up. The interface is easy to use, just drag and drop your gems into any available socket. Once they’ve been inserted they can’t be removed. You can overwrite them with a new jewel, but you can’t remove them and maintain the original gem.

If you fill each socket with the proper color gem (for instance red with red, blue with blue) then you’ll get the Socket Bonus that comes with the item. In the above screenshot if you placed in a red and a blue gem then you would gain an additional 3 spirit.


If you have Mining, are level 5, and have Jewelcrafting (to a skill level of 20) then you can learn the prospecting skill. Basically you can take 5 identical ores and compound them into 0-2 gems that would normally be found on that metal’s node.

For instance, you might get 0 to 2 Malachite from 5 copper ore. It’s a pretty good trade off, especially if you don’t need the metal and need gems more! Although, it depends on the market. Take the value of 1 of the gems you need and match it against 5 of those ores. If it’s cheaper to sell the ore and buy the gem then go that route.